Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Celebrity Make Up For Less: Alexis Bledel & Jessica Beil

Do you ever see your favorite celebrity at an event or the red carpet and their makeup is done so well and you wonder, how do I achieve that look? And more importantly, how do you achieve the look without spending hundreds of dollars? I love the look on Alexis Bidel and Jessica Beil: Classic eye with full lashes, fun pink lip and peachy golden cheeks.

Mix your favorite bronzing powder (will only need a small amount) with face moisturizer - rub in hands together and smooth all over your face.
For more drama, add falsies, otherwise use your favorite thickening mascara. 
L'Oreal's Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara - $8
Line lids with both a black eye shadow and liquid liner - that's the secret for lasting lid lines. First use a an angle brush to line lids with the black shadow, then go over the line with the liquid liner. I use MAC Black Tied - $14.50 and Rimmel London Liquid Liner in Ebony Black - $5.00

MAC Quite the Thing! - $14.50 - For those with medium to brown skin tones.
MAC Insanely It! - $14.50 - For those with fair to light skin tones.
This lipstick actually has sheen to it, so it provides color and glossy finish.

Cheeks: Use a peach colored blush - this color will vary between skin tones.
Rimmel Lasting Finish Blush Autumn Catwalk - $5
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pink Sorbet - $5

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